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Century Longmais mToken

Century Longmai's mToken

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1) Auto plug and play- no cd required for driver installation
2) Connectivity: USB 2.0 full speed, Connector type A
3) FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified hardware encryption
4) Laser printed serial number on each mToken
5) Supported STS: 32bit and 64bit Windows XP SP3, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, Seven, Eight, 32bit and 64bit Linux and MAC OS X

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mToken CryptoID-FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified

m Token cryptographic modules eligible for FIPS 140-2 Level3 high-level security certification April 2016, Beijing – Global leading security solution provider Century Longmai technology’s m Token authentication product “CryptoID” has successfully passed FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module Certification tests.


In digital certificate-based PKI applications, private keys play an important role in asymmetric cryptography. Our m token USB tokens ensure private keys are generated, stored and used onboard within the security module inside the device, preventing any risk of leaking critical private key information. Our tokens are FIPS 140-2 validated and fully certified to ensure this level of protection meets the highest standards.


Secure smart card chips are widely adopted in the banking and payment card industry to ensure the highest level of protection. m token devices are equipped with a 32-bit smart card chip and a dedicated COS (Chip Operating System). Our m token USB tokens store digital certificates and private keys onboard for increased security. When decrypting, encrypting, or digitally signing, the token does so internally in a secure chip, meaning the keys are never at risk of being stolen.


The m tokens m token requires no drivers with most popular OS platforms such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux. At the hardware level, it’s natively recognized by the operating system, making it easy to use with no plugins necessary. High level applications can communicate with the token through the PKCS#11 library to perform standardized operations, such as key pair generation, encryption, decryption, digital signing, and more.

Supported Algorithms

◉ RSA ◉ EDSA ◉ AES ◉ SHA-1/256/384/512 ◉ T-DES


◉ FIPS-140-2 Level 3 validation ◉ Cert #3602


◉ Microsoft CAPI, CNG ◉ EPKCS#11 V2.20 ◉ Microsoft Smart Card Minidriver ◉ PC/SC, CCID ◉ SSL v3 ◉ IPSec/IKE


The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 140-2) specifies the security requirements that will be satisfied by a cryptographic module. It provides four increasing, qualitative levels intended to cover a wide range of potential applications and environments. The areas covered, related to the secure design and implementation of a cryptographic module include a number of important specifications such as ports, interfaces, authentication, physical security, cryptographic key management, design assurance, attack mitigation, and more.

FIPS creates a uniform level of security for all federal agencies in order to protect what's categorized as sensitive but unclassified information: electronic data not classified as secret or higher, which makes up a large portion of the data around. All products that are validated under this standard have undergone rigorous testing and development.

Because of their highly assured level of security and because they meet such a broad spectrum of security requirements, FIPS 140-2 validated security products are widely accepted by government agencies, banks, enterprises worldwide.